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    • 10/06/2022
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
    • GotoWebinar
    • 235

    As infrastructure improvements increase and the CRM industry continues to grow, we as cultural resource practitioners need to be more willing to consider alternative options as a way to approach resources requiring a mitigation-level effort. With increased interest in exploring this avenue in the last few years, there needs to be more concerted efforts in our approaches. This webinar provides the opportunity to not only hear from a panel of professionals with experience on this topic but also allows for an immersive discussion on alternative mitigation strategies, experiences, obstacles, and concerns. This will allow for participants to walk away from this webinar with ideas and strategies to be used in future projects.

    Note: This webinar will occur on Eastern Time


    Lynne Sebastian, Ph.D.

    Lynne is a retired Historic Preservation consultant and Southwestern archaeologist. In her long career she served as New Mexico State Archaeologist, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, and State Historic Preservation Officer. For the last 24 years before her retirement from the SRI Foundation, she taught continuing professional education courses on compliance with federal preservation laws and served as a consultant for federal and state agencies, Native American tribes, CRM firms, and private industries. She is a past president of the Society for American Archaeology and of the Register of Professional Archaeologist. In 2013 she was appointed by President Obama to serve as an expert member of the federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

    David Clarke, M.A.

    David is the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Federal Preservation Officer (FPO). As the FPO, he has agency-wide authority on FHWA’s compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. He has an M.A. and B.A. in the field of anthropology with a specialization in archaeology. David has over 20 years of experience with Historic Preservation, NEPA, Section 4(f), and Tribal Consultation in the public and private sectors.

    Samantha Henderson, M.A.

    Samantha Henderson is a Project Review Archaeologist at the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. In her role at DHR, she serves as a lead reviewer for numerous Federal Section 106 compliance reviews and State compliance projects. Samantha has been practicing archaeology in Virginia for over 10 years. She completed her undergraduate study at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College and received her Master’s degree in Historical Archaeology from University of Massachusetts Boston. She also conducts independent research in paleoethnobotany and the analysis of macrobotanical remains from historic plantation sites.

    • 10/12/2022
    • Virtual

    Register for the 2022 Satellite Summit here!

    On behalf of our host, The Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians, and the Summit Agenda Planning Committee, Eppard Vision welcomes you to the 2nd Annual and 1st Hybrid Satellite Summit! Over the past 15 years, conversations at the annual Cultural Resource Protection Summit have matured, prompting us to launch a new event, the Satellite Summit, to support and expand these important discussions for the cultural resource community.

    With the launch of the Satellite Summit, we continue to work hard to fulfill the mission we have had since the Summit’s inception in 2008: The primary goal in organizing the annual Summit has been to facilitate amongst all affected parties an open, frank discussion about the intersection between cultural resources and land use. The Summit is designed to promote collaborative cultural resource planning as an effective means of finding resolution to issues before they escalate into emotionally-charged, divisive, and expensive stalemates or law suits.

    This year’s Satellite Summit agenda includes three critical topics that will prompt attendees to examine current work in CRM, gaps in our ability to accomplish this work, and ways to collaborate to meet these needs. Panel presentations, small group discussions, and time for Q&A and open discussion will support the generation of ideas for collaboration. Meals and breaks will provide additional opportunities to work (or socialize) together. We are pleased to offer you a hybrid event with the option to participate either in-person at the Angel of the Winds Casino Resort or virtually on Zoom, which is intended to facilitate greater participation across our community.

    Please join us for a one-day intensive workshop that will help you improve your technical skills while deepening your connection to why we do this work. Then, with renewed commitment, move forward with helpful tools to more effectively protect the cultural resources of the communities you serve.

    More information on the Summit, including registration, hotel, and more, is available here.

    • 11/01/2022
    • 11/04/2022
    • Virtual

    Register for the PastForward Online conference here!

    Celebrate the power of place, virtually, with thousands of preservationists and preservation lovers at the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s online conference for those who work to save, sustain, and interpret historic places—PastForward Online 2022 

    To provide an inspiring and engaging gathering for an expansive preservation movement, PastForward will offer a variety of new formats to complement the cutting-edge content presented by dynamic speakers starting in October with on-demand sessions. There will also be several ways participants can network with colleagues from across the movement while having interactive experiences to deepen our understanding of current preservation practices during scheduled sessions November 1-4. 

    Moving From Vision to Action 

    This year PastForward will challenge participants to explore the pressing issues for the movement, while providing the tools, resources, and connections for taking the next steps towards action! The three main areas of focus at this year's conference are: 

    • Historic Preservation is Climate Action 
    • Encouraging Inclusion and Diversity Through Preservation 
    • Understanding Preservation’s Role in Real Estate Development 

    Learn more about this year’s themes. 

    Register today for early bird savings and deep discounts for organizations! 

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