Upcoming NPS Grant Deadlines

10/22/2021 11:56 AM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

The National Park Service has a number of grant opportunities available, including for important civil rights and diversity programs. See the list below for the grants application periods closing soon!

  • African American Civil Rights Program - December 1, 2021

    The African American Civil Rights (AACR) documents, interprets, and preserves sites and stories related to the African American struggle to gain equal rights as citizens.
  • Underrepresented Communities Grant Program - January 11, 2022

    National Park Service’s Underrepresented Community Grant Program (URC) works towards diversifying the nominations submitted to the National Register of Historic Places.
  • History of Equal Rights Grant Program - December 1, 2021

    The History of Equal Rights grant program preserves sites related to the struggle for any or all people to achieve equal rights in America. The History of Equal Rights grants are not limited to any specific group and are intended to include the broadest possible interpretation of sites associated with efforts to achieve equal rights.

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